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New Features and Plan for the Future

Posted by adam, 12 April 2011 | Comments

Dear users,

We've been busy working hard to improve and make it a better tool for your business.

We'll be updating this evening, bringing you some new features and we'd like to tell you about what's coming and what we have planned for the future.

This update will bring the following features:

New Dashboard

Your dashboard will now have a new, improved layout. No need to fiddle around with your widgets anymore - the new dashboard features two-column layout, simply put more important stuff on the left, keeping not-so-important things on the right. Your widgets will automatically adjust to make the best use of the space available.

Dashboard - Before

Dashboard - Now

New Documents

Documents now allow you to easily work with different types of files and see the first bits of document content right in the front page.

Web links are now clickable right from document lists and you can preview your image files right in

Documents - Before


Documents - Noew


New widgets

Check out the News and Calendar widgets to stay up-to-date with what's going on in your business.

Collaborate and communicate at the next level with the tools everyone knows and loves from social networking, now available to the business world.

News Widget

News Widget

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget

Better Messaging

We've changed the way message lists appear, making it easier to use it with email.

Messaging now looks more like an e-mail client allowing you to easily navigate around your business correspondence.

Messaging - Before


Messaging - Now


Captcha removed from entry pages.

Thanks to the Kashoo guys for pointing this out.

Whilst we try to ensure the best possible level of security for users, captcha was causing more hassle than it did good.

We will continue to monitor for any unusual behaviour, but captcha will not appear at the login pages.

This will make it easier and quicker for you to log in, whilst we will add captcha to the form in case of too many unsuccessful log in attempts. Roadmap:

We have a lot of thing planned for the next few weeks and we'd like to share our ideas with you.

Sharing and public links:

Imagine you could easily share a task or an invoice with your client? No need to get PDFs or printouts, and send it out.

We want to let you simply copy a link and give it to your client, would take care of security and only allow your client to see what you want them to see. They don't even need to know about - just open the link to see what you've shared with them.

New, scalable pricing model and extensible service:

We will change the way we charge for, allowing you to pay only for the modules you really need. Simply choose modules that you actually want to use and pay only for those.

We will improve itself to give you a nice setup guide to set up the chosen modules in a very quick and easy way. Much improvement here to let you use to the full!


We're completely redesigning our API, enabling de-facto web standard oAuth authentication and giving you a way to easily access any of your data with the use of standard development libraries and tools.

Better Help:

We have to admit it, the current help documents are not perfect. You can always chat with us to get quick support, but we think it's essential to provide a solid, compehensive documentation on all aspects of

We'll be bringing an amazing new Help portal to let you easily find answers to your questions in a fraction of a second. Community:

We'll be releasing a community website for all our users to share their ideas and get answers on all their questions about the service.

You will be able to discuss any existing and upcoming features and we'll be actively participating in the discussions to ensure we bring you the best possible service.

The new features we plan to release will take us some time to polish, but we're should be able to get everything done in just a few weeks, meaning you will get all of that by the end of May.

We're always open to any suggestions or comments! Find us on Facebook, Twitter or share your ideas on the website. We also have a friendly contact form and you can chat with us online or drop us an email.

∙ ∙ ∙ has officially launched!

Posted by adam, 21 March 2011 | Comments

Head over to where you can get free access for up to 5 users including tools to help you manage your Projects, Sales, Support, Finances, Contacts including built-in Reports plus Email and Internal-Chat Messaging.

No matter what your work involves can help you do things easier, faster and more effectively. So head over to now and get your hands on this incredibly useful software!

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